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By popular request, Great Food! is now offering 4-hour cooking classes and workshops for adults on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings, 
who are keen on improving their kitchen skills, eating options and tastes, with an eye to cooking easy and delicious plates and dishes.

These classes are in small groups of 6 - 10 persons and are always 'Hands-on' which means that the participants get to actually prepare one or more complete dish with a partner instead of watching a demonstration.  
Furthermore, the classes may include a field trip before the cooking class to a farmers market, a farm or even an ethnic food area in Toronto or a grocery store to learn about cuts of meat, interesting and unusual fruit, vegetables and food items, to wineries and other wonderful places.

Classes will also include specialty health related topics such as cooking for and with those with health restrictions, diabetes and food intolerances, sensitivities, and allergies.

Of special interest will be a series of baking classes featuring the classic methods of making natural bread and pastries, viennoiseries, patisserie and cake decorating elements, all employing classic French techniques and ingredients.

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