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With M. Herve This, Physical Chemist and French originator of Molecular Gastronomy, Le Cordon Bleu Paris.

Graduation Hautes Etudes du Gout, l'Universite de Reims, Champagne-Ardennes, France. Oct. 2012.​ 

With M. Christophe Zunic, Master Baker, patissier and artisnal bread maker, at 4.00am in his atelier in Reims.

Warren Lobo

Graduate de la Gastronomie, Haute Etudes du Gout (2012)University de Reims,

  Champagne-Ardennes, France and Le Cordon Bleu Paris, Paris.

BA (Finance and Econ.) 1985, York University, Toronto, Canada.

• Creator of the Great Food !  food education program.

Proven success working with and mentoring children and young adults for over 20 yrs.

• Fully bi-lingual (English/French)... and bits of several other languages.

After 24 successful years as a Corporate and Investment Banker, an avid gastronome, intrepid world traveller, long-time foodie and hobby cook since the age of 9, Warren now turns his attention in an age of childhood obesity to educating young minds about healthy eating and to the positive wonders of food. His program emphasizes a global sensibility to food through it's sourcing and preparation, while fostering an awareness of hunger issues affecting children around the world.

He has chaired numerous professional committees, lead projects to successful completion, worked to further his cultural community's presence in Ontario for over a decade and has served as a mentor to dozens of children and young adults. He is respected as a leader and entrepreneur in the business and corporate worlds, and is the recipient of several distinctions including the CIBC Chairman's Award and the Province of Ontario 5 year Volunteer Award.  

 From Banker to Baker : "My career as a Corporate and Investment Banker was a dream come true. Unusual in Finance, my specialised work there was unique and creative, and provided the perfect balance of creative financing, high level management and entrepreneurship - a perfect fit for me, and which I loved for every day I was a part of. After 24 successful years, I was eager to apply my personal and creative skills to other diverse interests... a yearning which led to a daring entrepreneurial leap of faith in 2010, to create this unique niche in the world of Gastronomy and Haute Cuisine, a world I'd long been passionate about.

While studying for my second degree (France) and writing my thesis, I created the "Great Food !" education program, in which I combined my deep passion for food, healthy eating, travel and food culture with my ability for working with and mentoring young people and adults in creative and unusual ways. I now find myself in a world that couldn't be more opposite or different  to where I was before, but one which oddly enough is just as unique, creative and fun, and which I'm enjoying immensely. I couldn't be more thrilled or excited !

Best of all, I may finally have an ancillary opportunity now to address an issue long close to my heart : that of helping to feed the world's hungry children from a portion of any surplus, which makes me extremely happy."​

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