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"As you can see, the kids adore him. They eagerly wait for him every week and never want to let him leave at the end of his class."

" Grocery shopping has become an interesting experience now. My Kids are pointing to vegetables that they want that I’ve never seen before, and don’t know how to prepare.

Please help! ”

"Dear Mr. Lobo,
Just a quick email to thank you for the wonderful cooking program you provided at AOL last year.


My son really enjoyed it and eagerly looked forward to the lesson every Wednesday.  The program has definitely provided variety into the typical elementary academic program and instills:  Confidence, Creativity, & Awareness/Open-mindedness

See you in September."

“ We have noticed a sharp change in our two daughters’ eating habits since your food classes at the school. They are asking for more vegetables and now insist on planning one family supper a week based on what they ate with you.”

“ Mr. Lobo, you have to be one of the most popular people in the school. My Daughter speaks about you constantly at home and looks forward to your class every week. She even wants to go if she is sick because she knows you are coming that day.”

"Mr. Lobo has brought great experience and knowledge to the children about food. His teaching techniques incorporate culture, language, science, drama, history, arts, travel, field trips and cooking techniques and skills....It is such a positive experience for the children. "

" Please send recipes home with My Son. The food he tells us about that he eats with you sounds delicious."

" We are very pleased with the progress that Our Child has made in terms of food since you have been with them.

Now my only challenge at home is that my food is not as good as Mr. Lobo’s !!! "

" Hello Mr. Lobo,


I just wanted to reach out to you to say thanks for doing such a wonderful job with Our Son (and all the other kids too!)  


He looks very much forward to the time when he gets his chance to "Go with Mr. Lobo" as he puts it. "

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